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Ascertane partners with leading business intelligence, data warehouse and business process management providers, including MicroStrategy, Informatica and Q-Link Technologies, to deliver flexible enterprise software solutions to clients.

ClearStory Systems is an established provider of flexible, on-demand enterprise content management solutions. ClearStory's Radiant Content Suite provides discrete management and on-demand access for the full spectrum of content -- from graphics and video to customer statements and email.  The company's standards-based technology provides a powerful platform for integrating rich media and business documents into a multitude of business-critical environments, including marketing and finance departments, call centers, channel partner portals, compliance initiatives, and global marketing extranets.

The HandySoft is a global software company that delivers innovative productivity solutions for commercial and government marketplaces. Built on the foundation of BizFlow®, the award-winning platform for business process management (BPM), workflow automation, and collaboration, our solutions automate and simplify processes, enforce best practices, improve quality and productivity, and foster collaboration internally as well as with customers and partners